The Chairs

‘The Chairs’ is the story of a journey across a mysterious land. A journey through a surreal landscape that is hidden deep in the subconscious terrain of a young man’s mind. It is the story of a quest for wealth and meaning in the life of a common man. It is his search for a precious treasure hidden in one of multiple identical chairs. Let us take you along on his journey—and we guarantee you’ll be amazed, or at least find good reasons to laugh and enjoy yourself.



Colourblind is a show about the sensitive issue of colour. Red and blue in particular, but honestly, they all look like shades of grey, right? Seriously though, Colourblind is a show packed with song, dance, humor and, ironically, colour.



English performance of our InternAt the 15th of January, the new International group from NEST will perform “Tales”, a modern day fairytale! Will you recognise the witch, the wolf, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many other famous characters?