How to become a member of NEST?

  1. Come to one of the NEST open lessons. Get to know the atmosphere of the group(s) and you can ask all questions you want to the members, directors and board members. It’s fun!
  2. Sign-up for NEST. How to sign up for auditions will be explained during the open lessons. You can also ask for a sign-up form via email by emailing to Try to get a sign-up form at or before the last open lesson.
  3. Do audition. Audition to get into one of our productions! If you don’t get into any of the productions, you can sign out again without paying any fees.
  4. Get a UnionCard/CampusCard. As a NEST member you are required to have a UnionCard or CampusCard.
    • UnionCard:
      • Go to the Sports & Culture Website and log in with your student account.
      • Press “Shop” and click “View all subscriptions
      • Add the UnionCard to your cart (You can also buy a UnionCard for just one semester if you’ll only be a NEST member for half a year)
      • Go to your cart and pay.
    • CampusCard: Go to the infodesk in the Sports Centere at the UT Campus. There they will help you further
  5. Subscribe to NEST.
    • Go to the Sports & Culture Website, and click on “My Organizations
    • You might already be automatically subscribed by the secretary. If that’s the case, at the bottom of the page you see a button with “Select” and you can select “Nest – Organisation member” there. If that is the case you can proceed with the next step.
    • If not, you will need to join. Under “Join” type “Nest” and click it when the option comes up. Now press “Save”.
    • You will get an e-mail confirming your request.
    • Now you need to wait till you’re accepted (this may take a few days since this happens manually by the board of NEST). Once you are accepted, you will receive an email (until then, you can’t yet pay the association fee or contribution).
  6. Pay the Association Fee.
    • Go to the Sports & Culture Website and log in.
    • You should get an automatic popup telling you that you still need the association fee for NEST. If not, please contact the secretary.
    • Select the applicable association fee (either for the full year or just one semester) and add it to your cart.
    • Go to your cart and pay.
    • note: If you are a PhD student or an employee at the university (thus the association fee is zero for you) you still need to ‘buy’ the association fee! If you do not do this, there will be a fine!
  7. Pay the contribution to NEST. This will happen via bank transfer. The treasurer of NEST will send you an email about how to do this and what you need to include in your bank transfer.